“Get it out the door.”

Okay, so I wanted to write stuff here, right?

Well, I wrote one article in an entire year… That’s not what I would call a success, but it’s fine. I think I know where the problem comes from. Or at least I have an idea of something I can do to solve it.

See my first—and only—article? I was pretty happy with it when I published it, but it took me something like two or three months to write. And I believe this is the main problem.

I was trying to write really structured, thorough and well thought-out articles. I wanted to explain my opinion down to every detail in a single article. I spent months refining my drafts, restructuring my sections and tweaking every paragraph. But what’s the point if it means I can only publish one or two article per year?

I was endlessly working on the same article, which at some point wasn’t improving it any further. I was spending a lot of time to make almost no progress. I wasn’t publishing anything. I wasn’t sharing my opinion on topics I cared about, whereas it was the very purpose of my blog. I wasn’t improving my writing either. And I wasn’t even having fun.

So that’s why I didn’t write more until now.

That’s also why I thought I had to change my method. I need to stop trying to write thorough articles that perfectly articulate my opinion. I should write the essence of my thoughts, without getting caught up in refining my articles forever. I should get to something decent as quickly as possible, and then publish it almost right away. “Get it out the door.”

It should also make writing much more enjoyable.

Right now, I have about a dozen or so barely drafted articles that have been gathering dust in my notes app for months, or even years. Sometimes it’s a few sentences outlining an idea, waiting for me to put into words what I’ve developed in my head. Sometimes it’s already a draft in which I began to lay down and organize my thoughts in different ways.

I also have a rather long list of article ideas.

So there are a lot of things I’d like to write about. I just need to put in some time, and make better use of this time I invest in writing, which I believe I am better armed to do now.